Who are Productive Men? 

We are men who seek more.

More achievement and success. More meaning and happiness. More fulfilling relationships and better health.

It’s not that we’re ungrateful for the lives we’ve created — lives born out of striving and hard work. But in our hearts we know we’re capable of something greater.

Here’s the thing…

Having more will require more from you. 

More clarity and courage. More energy and focus. And more consistent, quality output than you’ve ever done before.

Other men have done it, and so can you.

But how?

Your old attitudes, tools, and tactics can’t take you there. They were great up to a point—they got you where you are today. But doing more of the same won’t cut it. Not for where you want to go.

From experience, I can almost guarantee that you’re missing an important piece of the puzzle. I missed it for a long time, and I see other men (those seeking high performance) struggling with this, too.

We have a myopic, imbalanced view of what it takes to succeed. And this misunderstanding keeps us spinning our wheels, pressing the gas peddle while getting nowhere.

But you cannot get stuck here, settling for the status quo. Quietly watching your dreams sink in the mud of mediocrity.

To escape this trap, you need an edge — both mental and physical — that will give you the clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and momentum necessary to perform beyond your current limits.

That’s exactly what I’ve done (repeatedly) over the past 23 years.

Challenge by challenge, I learned important lessons that now inform my approach to productivity and high-performance.

Overcoming anxiety, I found inner strength and peace. Rising above anger and recklessness, I became a leader for my community. Conquering fear and hopelessness, I healed my body. Transforming self-doubt and ignorance, I became educated. Breaking the cycle of toxic relationships, I found lasting love and fulfillment.

Turn by turn, I pushed the wheel of life. Improving myself, breaking through barriers, and expanding my possibilities. And in my seeking I learned what it takes to succeed beyond our current limits.

The insights gained through these lessons fuel my mission to help men like you.

Isn’t it strange?

We live in a time of so much opportunity, and yet still struggle. So many men have so much more to offer.

The world needs better men. Better fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, team members, and leaders. We need productive men. Capable and courageous men who contribute consistently on a higher level.

I help good men do more of what matters.

To do that, you’ll need to focus in spite of information overload; to cultivate equanimity in a world driven by sensationalism and outrage; to live with courage — able to say and do the hard things because you’re aligned with your deeper truth; to build habits that carry you forward, even when things get difficult.

I help men like you achieve what you’re capable of (it’s more than you can imagine). Putting you in control of your time and energy. Helping you master your attention and focus. Giving you the tools and strategies necessary to become the master of your work, relationships, and well-being.

It was possible in my life, it’s possible in yours.

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Welcome to the ranks of Productive Men. We’re stronger together!

James Everett Youngblood